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CFD trading involve a high level of risks, including capital invested

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Templer Securities is an online Foreign Exchange Trading Services provider. Templer Securities provides a superior level of service to retail and institutional customers to sustain long-term relationships that will enable us to respond more efficiently and proactively to their changing needs. Templer's goal is to provide our customers with the very best trade execution and service in the CFD trading industry. In order to meeting our goals, Templer Securities employs three strategies that are the backbone to our success: Customer Service, Research and Execution.

Customer Service

Our greatest asset is our people. Templer Securities only hires experienced professionals that have shown a history of superior customer service skills and leadership in the financial services industry. Sales and customer service is staffed 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Our sales and operations representatives can assist customers with any inquires at all times of the day in many different languages.

Regulatory Oversight

Integrity and transparency are fundamentals at Templer, and we don't compromise when it comes to our day to day business operations, our customers and finances. In today's world, Forex broker regulation is an important aspect in reliability and trust. It is, however, quite important to understand the idea behind any regulation. Regulation is, in a word, a set of rules and regulations a broker must obey with. A regulated broker must be annually audited and checked regarding whether it adheres to regulations and rules or fails to do so. Still, no regulation can directly define the relationship between client and broker. Any highly unlikely yet possible conflicts are subject to legal proceedings only.

Regulations :

Investment company Templer Securities JSC Podgorica was founded on November 28, 2019 in accordance with the Law on Companies and the Law on Capital Market of Montenegro. The abbreviated name of the Company is TEMPLER. In the Central Register of Business Entities, the Company is registered under number 4-0009725.

The company has a license from the Capital Market Commission of Montenegro, number: 03/2-4/4-19, dated November 15 2019 year and number 03/2-4/9-19, from November 10 2020, for providing investment services and performing investment activities, for financial instruments - contracts on differences, and that:

  • receipt and transfer of orders relating to one or more financial instruments;
  • execution of an order for the client;
  • portfolio management;
  • investment advice.

The website, Templer Securities services as well as the brand name "Templer" is operated by Templer Securities Joint Stock Company Podgorica regulated by Capital Market Authority of Montenegro.

Templer Securities acts in full compliance with international legislation and regulation standards. We strongly trust that honesty is the best policy.

You can review Customer Documents as well as AML policy and other important legal documents in the Terms and Conditions section at

81000 Rimsky sqr. 50 Podgorica, Montenegro

+382 20 262762

+382 69 055 877