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CFD trading involve a high level of risks, including capital invested

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Our trading platform server time zone is Eastern European Time (EET) or London time +2. All trades, pending orders and historical data will always be shown as EET. The time you see in the Market Watch window is the time of the latest quote.

No, the time zone of our servers is always Eastern European Time (EET) or London time +2. In other words, the platform GMT offset is GMT+2, or GMT+3 when Daylight Saving Time is in effect. In this time zone we avoid having small candlesticks on Sundays which allows the running of technical analysis and back testing to be smooth and straight forward.

1 lot is 100,000 units of base currency.

0.1 of a lot is 10,000 units of base currency

0.01 of a lot is 1,000 units of base currency (this is the minimum lot size).

Base currency is the first currency in the currency pair.

For further details, please refer to the "Spread and Swaps" sub-section.

Templer - Securities offers CFD on currencies trading; Forex is an OTC (over-the-counter, OFF exchange) market, so there are no defined trading sessions. If you have an account with Templer you may trade from 00:05 (EET) Sunday to 23:55 (EET) Friday.

The minimum contract size is 0.01 of a lot i.e. 1,000 units of base currency.

For further information please see the following table:

For more information, please refer to the "Spread and Swaps" page.

Order execution is guaranteed under normal market conditions but not guaranteed under abnormal market conditions.

Under abnormal market conditions or when the order level falls within the price gap on the market opening, the order is executed at the quote which is presented in the quotes flow during the process of order execution. Buy stop, sell stop or stop loss is executed at the level less profitable for the customer; buy limit, sell limit or take profit is executed at the level more profitable for the customer.

For more information on abnormal market conditions,please refer to "Fast Market" page.

Please open the 'Terminal' window (press Ctrl+T on your keyboard) and select the 'Account History' tab. Right click to enable the context menu which will allow you to save your trading history as an .html file that can be viewed outside the trading platform.

Click the right mouse button on any instrument in the ‘Market Watch‘ window and select "Show All" from the menu.

You may close (open, place an order) a position over the telephone 24 hours a day (Mon to Fri). Simply phone our dealing desk on +44 (0)2030513902. You will be asked for your MetaTrader login and telephone password for security reasons before your request can be executed.

You can trade CFD on currencies with Templer Securities 24 hours a day from Sunday 00:05 to Friday 23:55 EET time. The time zone of our servers is always Central European Time (EET) or London time +2. In other words, the platform GMT offset is GMT+2, or GMT+3 when Daylight Saving Time is in effect.

No, we do not have any special policies or restrictions on scalping.

Please notice that arbitrage trades will incur additional trade-routing charges over the liquidity bridges for Templer Securities. We reserve the right to nullify all arbitrage trades entered without any prior notice, and to permanently block your account without any refunds shall those malicious trade order identified from your trading terminal.

Open MetaTrader, select Tools -> History Centre. Double click on the required currency pair and period and press 'Download'. The historical data you selected should then be downloaded. Please, note that you download historical data of Metaquotes Software Corp.

Please save your expert advisor into MetaTrader’s directory on your computer: C:Program Files/ Templer FX Trader/experts. Then restart Templer Trader. The Expert Advisor file should appear in the navigator window in Templer Trader. Left click on it and drag it onto a chart of the currency that you would like the expert advisor to trade on.

First of all check if trading is allowed by going to 'Tools -> Options -> Experts tab -> Allow live trading'. Then make sure that the Expert Advisor button on the main tool bar is pressed.

Not at all, our trading platform and trading desk are highly geared for active trading. Please refer to our "Fast Market Policy"and "Spreads&Margin" page in respect of order execution and spreads under abnormal market conditions.

Yes, you can. More information on trailing stops can be found in our MetaTrader user guide.. Please note that trailing stops become inactive when you log out of MetaTrader.

Yes, you can. This is called 'matched' or 'hedged positions' – long and short positions of the same transaction size opened in the same instrument. The margin required to open and maintain such positions (hedged margin) is half of the usual initial margin per transaction.

Yes, EA/Robot trading is allowed. Except for arbitraging and superactive EAs. Please note that if your EA is too active and sending too many requests to our MT4 server Templer reserves the right to block your account shall those trade order keep coming from your trading terminal.

Open positions and pending orders stay in the system even if you log off from your trading platform. The same is true for all order types except trailing stops.

Trailing Stops become inactive when you close or log out of MetaTrader. Expert Advisors also become inactive when MetaTrader is closed or you are not logged in.

Foreign exchange trading at Templer is dealt on Spot basis only and all trades settle two business days from the trade date . The settlement day is called the value date. As Templer Securities does not arrange physical delivery of currencies, all positions left open from 23:59:45 to 22:59:59 (EET) will be rolled over so that the value date moves forward one business day. This will allow all trades to maintain open spot status

As a result, positions are subject to a swap charge or credit, based on the rates presented on the "Spreads&Margin" page.

If you have an open position at 00:00 GMT (EET) then your trading account will be debited or credited in accordance with our rollover policy.

The cost of rollover is predominantly based on the interest rate differential of the two currencies in the pair. Whilst swap rates can dependent on market supply and demand itself, the general rule is that if you buy the currency with the higher interest rate and sell the currency with the lower interest rate, you will earn the rollover. If you buy the currency with the lower interest rate and sell the currency with the higher interest rate, then you will pay rollover. Please note that the swap market is a market in its own right, and rates can be affected by liquidity so that the interest rate differential rule outlined above is not always a simple equation. This is particularly true in the current financial climate.

Note: When you roll an open position from Wednesday to Thursday on trade date basis, Monday of the following week becomes the new value date, not Saturday Therefore, the rollover charge on a Wednesday evening will be three times the value indicated on the"Spreads&Swaps" page.

These can be modified by double clicking on the order or with a right click and then “Modify or Delete Order” in the trade tab in the terminal window. You are not able to modify or delete SL/TP once the price has been reached.

The charts on the MT4 trading platform by default show only the Bid prices. Please be informed that short (sell) positions are closed at the Ask price instead.

You can display an “Ask line” in your charts:

  1. Right click on the chart
  2. Select “Properties” and then go to the “Common” tab
  3. Tick the “Show Ask line” checkbox
  4. Click OK to confirm the changes

The prices displayed on your MetaTrader 4 charts are the maximum Bid price or High which is displayed at the top of the bar, and the minimum Bid price or Low which is displayed at the bottom of the bar.

To calculate the Ask price you need to use the formula: Bid price + spread, so the minimum Ask price would be the Low + spread and the maximum Ask price would be the High + spread.

On Buy positions, your Stop Loss and Take Profit orders will be triggered when the Bid price reaches the order level, whereas on Sell positions they will be triggered when the Ask price reaches the order level.

Buy Limit and Buy Stop orders will be triggered when the Ask prices reaches the order level, whilst Sell Limit and Sell Stop orders will be triggered when the Bid price reaches the order level.

The error message “Trade Context Busy” will occur if you have given MetaTrader an additional instruction before it has completed an earlier task. Usually this is because of multiple mouse clicks or a hyperactive EA. Please log out from your trading platform (file > exit) and then log in again - this should resolve the issue.

We offer both fixed and floating spreads subject to the instrument and market conditions. However, floating spreads may increase during volatile market conditions. This is dependent on the prices we receive from our liquidity providers.

Yes, you can. Templer Securities offers clients the opportunity to customize their leverage on their live trading accounts:

  1. Login to Members area
  2. Go to MyTemplerFX- Settings - Leverage
  3. Change leverage regulation to “Manual”. Select preferred leverage and submit changes.

Please note you are not able to change the leverage on a demo account as this is set to 1:500 by default.

Only temporarily. We protect your balance from going negative by compensating the drawdown below zero

Your account could be set to read-only or you may be logged in using your Read-only password. The Read-only password is meant as a public password to demonstrate your results to investors and has no trading permissions. If the read-only password is the same as your normal trading account password, the investor password will take priority. 

First ensure that trading is permitted on your platform.

To check this, navigate to “Tools” > “Options” > “Expert Advisors” and make sure that the “Allow Automated Trading” feature has been switched on.

Then, look at the “Expert Advisors” button in the tool bar on top to see if it is green. If activation has been successful, there will be a smiley face at the top-right corner of your chart (add the EA to the chart if needed).

If you are still experiencing problems, check for any errors in the log files in the “Experts” tab (this is located at the bottom of MT4, in the “Terminal” window).

Please note that we are unable to assist with the settings of Expert Advisors. For assistance with these, please refer to the provider of the EA who should be happy to assist, or visit the MQL4 community forum which is specifically designed to assist with such matters.

To save your trading account history please follow the following steps:

  1. Login to your MT4 or MT5 trading platform
  2. Look at the bottom of your screen for the “Terminal” window. If you cannot see this, press Ctrl+T on your keyboard and it will appear. 
  3. Select the “Account History” tab and right click on the new window that pops up
  4. Select “Save as Report” or “Save as Detailed Report” and select where you wish to save your file
  5. Finally click “Save”.

Please note that your history will be saved as an .html file that can be viewed outside the trading platform.

You can open .html files in Windows by dragging the file into an internet browser window. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer should work for this purpose.

Yes you can have unlimited MT4 terminals installed on your PC, however each one needs to be installed in a different location (folder).

When you download the MT4 platform, you may be asked where you want to save the file but normally it will automatically be saved to your Downloads folder. When the download is complete make sure to install it in a different folder than your previous copy.

To change the installation folder of MT4, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your Downloads folder to find the installation file. If you do not remember or cannot find where the file is saved, please open the Downloads folder of your Browser. (Tools > Downloads) or download it again to a new location.
  2. Double click the file to open it.
  3. Click Run and allow the program to run if asked for further permissions.
  4. In the new window that appears, please tick the box “Yes, I agree with all terms of this license agreement” if you agree with the terms and conditions outlined in the window.
  5. Now click “Settings” (if you click “Next” by mistake, the installation will overwrite previous copies of MT4 in the default installation folder).
  6. You can now click “Browse…” to select a different installation folder for your new MT4 terminal.
  7. Select a folder where you would like to install MT4 or create new folder and click OK.
  8. In the Program Group field you can change the name of the folder as it appears in your Start menu “Programs” list. It is recommended to change this name in order to avoid confusion with previous installations.
  9. Finally click “Next” to start installing MT4