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CFD trading involve a high level of risks, including capital invested

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CFD on currencies

CFD (Contract For Differences) on currencies Market is the global market for the trading of currencies through the relative values of the pairs. There are global financial centers that function as anchors of trading between buyers and sellers around the clock. The CFD on currencies market works through various financial institutions. Most foreign exchange dealers are banks with a few insurance companies involved.

ProductContract SizeMax Lot Per TradeMinimum FluctuationMargin (1:100 Leverage) *Pip CalculationLimit/Stop order *Swap ShortSwap Long
EURUSD EURO VS.US DOLLAR100,000 EUR50 Lot0.0000,11,000 EUR0.0001=10 USD52.57-7.10
GBPUSD Great British Pound VS. US DOLLAR100,000 GBP50 Lot0.0000,11,000 GBP0.0001=10 USD50.26-2.59
USDJPY US Dollar vs. Japanese Yen100,000 USD50 Lot0.00,11,000 USD0.01 = 1,000 JPY5-12.231.93
USDCHF US Dollar vs. Swiss Franc100,000 USD50 Lot0.000,11,000 USD0.0001 = 10 CHF5-6.812.36
USDCAD US Dollar vs. Canadian Dollar100,000 USD50 Lot0.0000,11,000 USD0.0001 = 10 CAD5-2.58-1.43
USDTRY USD vs Turkish Lira100,000 USD50 Lot0.0000,11,000 USD0.0001 = 10 TRY1535.51-93.38
EURTRY EURO vs Turkish Lira100,000 EUR50 Lot0.0000,11,000 EUR0.0001 = 10 TRY1535.24-123.99
AUDUSD Australian Dollar vs. US Dollar100,000 AUD50 Lot0.0000,11,000 AUD0.0001 = 10 USD5-5.280.8
NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar vs. US Dollar100,000 NZD50 Lot0.0000,11,000 NZD0.0001 = 10 USD50.45-1.59
EURGBP EURO vs. Great British Pound100,000 EUR50 Lot0.0000,11,000 EUR0.0001 = 10 GBP150.85-3.44
EURJPY EURO VS. Japanese Yen100,000 EUR50 Lot0.00,11,000 EUR0.01 = 1,000 JPY15-0.38-11.03
EURCHF EURO VS. Swiss Franc100,000 EUR50 Lot0.0000,11,000 EUR0.0001 = 10 CHF15-3.460.69
EURCAD EURO VS. Canadian Dollar100,000 EUR50 Lot0.0000,11,000 EUR0.0001 = 10 CAD152.23-7.36
EURAUD EURO VS. Australian Dollar100,000 EUR50 Lot0.0000,11,000 EUR0.0001 = 10 AUD153.97-15.36
EURNZD EURO VS. New Zealand Dollar100,000 EUR50 Lot0.0000,11,000 EUR0.0001 = 10 NZD157.34-17.93
GBPJPY Great British Pound VS. Japanese Yen100,000 GBP50 Lot0.00,11,000 GBP0.01 = 1,000 JPY15-5.881.61
GBPCHF Great British Pound VS. Swiss Franc100,000 GBP50 Lot0.0000,11,000 GBP0.0001 = 10 CHF15-8.441.27
GBPCAD Great British Pound VS. Canadian Dollar100,000 GBP50 Lot0.0000,11,000 GBP0.0001 = 10 CAD15-1.58-1.75
GBPAUD Great British Pound VS. Australian Dollar100,000 GBP50 Lot0.0000,11,000 GBP0.0001 = 10 AUD151.71-11.36
GBPNZD Great British Pound VS. New Zealand Dollar100,000 GBP50 Lot0.0000,11,000 GBP0.0001 = 10 NZD154.88-16.58
CHFJPY Swiss Franc VS. Japanese Yen100,000 CHF50 Lot0.00,11,000 CHF0.01=1,000 JPY150.68-18.13
AUDJPY Australian Dollar VS. Japanese Yen100,000 AUD50 Lot0.00,11,000 AUD0.01=1,000 JPY15-18.243
AUDCHF Australian Dollar VS. Swiss Franc100,000 AUD50 Lot0.0000,11,000 AUD0.0001=10 CHF15-8.912.38
AUDCAD Australian Dollar VS. Canadian Dollar100,000 AUD50 Lot0.0000,11,000 AUD0.0001=10 CAD15-7.71.4
AUDNZD Australian Dollar VS. New Zealand Dollar100,000 AUD50 Lot0.0000,11,000 AUD0.0001=10 NZD150.08-6.28
CADJPY Canadian Dollar VS. Japanese Yen100,000 CAD50 Lot0.00,11,000 CAD0.01=1,000 JPY15-6.440.98
CADCHF Canadian Dollar VS. Swiss Franc100,000 CAD50 Lot0.0000,11,000 CAD0.0001=10 CHF15-5.641.38
NZDJPY New Zealand Dollar VS. Japanese Yen100,000 NZD50 Lot0.00,11,000 NZD0.01=1,000 JPY15-25.643.62
NZDCHF New Zealand Dollar VS. Swiss Franc100,000 NZD50 Lot0.0000,11,000 NZD0.0001=10 CHF15-9.892.89
NZDCAD New Zealand Dollar VS. Canadian Dollar100,000 NZD50 Lot0.0000,11,000 NZD0.0001=10 CAD15-7.241.78
USDZARUSD100,00010 Lots0.0001$1,00010 ZAR1510.3-37.55
USDMXNUSD100,00010 Lots0.0001$1,00010 MXN1510.79-39.15

*In compliance with the regulatory requirements of Polish Financial Supervision Authority(KNF), the maximum leverage for clients from Poland is 1:100

“Stop/Limit Order levels may vary during news or unusual market conditions without prior notice.”

Investor Alert: CFD on currencies Trading & Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. There is a possibility that you may sustain a loss of some or all of your investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.